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How to Invest Bitcoin Easily for Beginners

There are several related ways to invest in Bitcoin. However, the most suitable for laymen and beginners, namely by buying it. Very simple isn't it? You don't need to understand the technicalities of Bitcoin or other appendages, just buy Bitcoin. It has been.

After you have Bitcoin, you can decide to continue to save or trade against the Bitcoin. Here, the name of investing with Bitcoin has started, so of course you can make a profit or loss. In order not to lose, these tips:

1. Buy and Use the Bitcoin Wallet Hardware


Bitcoin prices in the near future tend to rise and fall. But if it's a long term ahead, it's predicted that many people can reach billions! This first tip is suitable for those of you who are investing in Bitcoin by being stored for a long time.

By buying and using Bitcoin hardware wallets, you are much safer than the various types of attacks hackers try to steal Bitcoin. Because in addition to generally this device is not connected to the internet, it also has a very high level of security.

2. Record a variety of Bitcoin Information Sites


As a Bitcoin investor, it's only natural that you have to find information about Bitcoin. Why is Bitcoin why, so you can act faster. As a result of loss if something unwanted happens, it can be minimized.

3. Install Anti Crypto Phishing Software


Especially for those of you who don't use Bitcoin hardware wallet. Of course you don't want it, until you get stolen Bitcoin? Install software called EAL or MetaMask for Google Chrome. Now every time you visit a phishing site, a warning will come out.

Even though you already use anti-crypto phishing security software, it still doesn't mean your Bitcoin is 100% safe. You still have to be vigilant, so that unwanted things don't happen. But at least, you are certainly safer after installing this application.

4. Use the Local / Offline Bitcoin Wallet


The price of a Bitcoin hardware wallet does tend to be expensive, maybe some of you still object to buying it. However, that does not mean this is a reason to keep using the online wallet. You don't want your investment to be threatened by hackers right?

For example, if you use a digital currency named Ethereum, you can use software called My Ether Wallet (Local) . This software is in the form of a wallet that you can use without internet or offline, the attack of hackers through the internet can certainly be avoided.

5. Don't be easy to trust with messages on the internet


When you start investing Bitcoin and browsing the internet to gather news, chances are there are hackers who are ready to prey on you. Look for your data, then send you a message. Either via e-Mail, WhatsApp or Telegram .

Every message you receive, do not just click directly or download attachments. First, make sure you recognize the sender. If not, you should ignore it. Oh yeah, just reading is not a problem, the important thing is not to click.

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